The content of this certified course is prepared for the working AMT, bringing you (and your team) up to the training standards now required for new A&P students graduating from Part 147 schools. The topics covered include:

  • Physiology and Human Limitations
  • Psychology and Teamwork
  • Managing Stress
  • Environmental Factors
  • Task Management
  • Communicating Among Teams
  • Human Error
  • Boeing’s MEDA System
  • Workplace Hazards and First Aid
Your successful completion of the course provides:
  1. Certification by Credential Testing Services (CTS), a division of SpaceTEC/CerTEC as founded by the US National Science Foundation.
  2. FAA recognition through the FAAST program including 16 AMT Award Points.
The Training Material in this Course include:
  • Human Factors for the Aviation Maintenance Technician – (Book or eBook)
  • Crossed Wires video by CASA Australia (DVD or download)
  • Human Factors Workbook – (Book or eBook)

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CTS offers schools and technical training programs the option of third party computer-based outcome exams. These end-of-course academic-only exams supplement instructor-led and online coursework and correspond to programs offering Avionics training in the following areas:

Avionics Systems I:
• Fundamentals of aviation maintenance technology
• Technical communications
• Basic aircraft wiring and PCB practices.
• Basic Direct Current (DC) circuits
• Advanced Direct Current (DC) circuits

Avionics Systems II:
• Aircraft drawings
• Advanced Alternating Current (AC) circuits
• Alternating Current (AC) circuit components
• Aircraft Alternating Current (AC) power systems

Avionics Systems III:
• Solid State devices
• Analog circuits
• Basic Avionics corrosion
• Aircraft aerodynamic fundamentals
• UAV flight operations

Avionics Systems IV:
• Digital circuits
• Fundamental microprocessors
• Workplace safety practices
• Appropriate communication skills
• Employability skills
• Entrepreneurship
• Basic Avionics systems

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