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ACAS Certifications


SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. (SPI) has partnered with experts in the field of Aerospace Coatings Application to develop a certification program for aircraft paint personnel which conforms to the recently published SAE specification AS7489.  This certification demonstrates an individual possesses an understanding of the aircraft paint process, has core knowledge of coatings preparation and application, and understands a common language inherent to the technical attributes of aerospace coatings. This certification is stackable with additional  2-5 examinations (currently under development), which have practical examination requirements and are administered through SPI’s CertTEC division.   Aerospace Coatings Application Specialist  – Course 1 is highly recommended for aerospace paint supervisors, managers, and process engineering roles.

Exams Offered
  • Aerospace Coatings Application Specialist – Course 1
  • Aerospace Coatings Application Specialist Recertification