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Verification of Contact Information

To assure ASTM NCATT-certified technicians remain competent in their area of certification, a process has been established to collect data, on a periodic basis that they remain engaged in the occupation either through active employment in the field or as educators.  

For those certifications issued prior to January 1, 2022, the certifications will remain valid until January 1, 2027 when they will need to be renewed, if verification of contact information is provided to the certification administrator, SpaceTEC Partners, Inc.  To read more about this, click here. To download the form, click here.


    • In 2014, ASTM International absorbed the aviation technician certification products that the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies developed with multiple ATE project grants.
    • ASTM F46 committee (Aerospace Personnel) assumed oversight for NCATT programs
    • In May 2017 an agreement was formalized by ASTM and SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. for SPI to become the administrator for all ASTM NCATT written exams in addition to its other job-oriented knowledge and practical-skill certification examinations.  SPI also processes applications from schools and industry training providers for ASTM NCATT Training Provider accreditation

Exams Offered

Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET – this is not the latest version of this standard)

Exam Information:

  • The AET has 90 questions. The passing score is 73%.

General Information:

  • Practical Skills Certificates are offered in conjunction with the AET exam.  Go to this link to learn more about them.
  • Note:  This standard has been updated.  Please go to this link to read more about it.
  • A study guide is available for the AET Exam.  Go to this link to download.

AET Endorsements:

Exam Information:

  • All Endorsements have 50 questions. The passing score for all Endorsements is 70%.
  • Autonomous Navigation Systems (ANS)
  • Dependent Navigation Systems (DNS)
  • Onboard Communications and Safety Systems (OCS)
  • Radio Communication Systems (RCS)

Note: Candidate must successfully pass the AET before being eligible to take endorsements

Other ASTM NCATT exams:

  • Foreign Object Elimination (FOE)
    • The FOE has 80 questions. The passing score is 83%.
    • To download a study guide, click here.
  • Aerospace Aircraft Assembly (AAA)
    • The AAA has 100 questions. The passing score is 70%.
  • Unmanned Aircraft System Maintenance (UAS)
    • The UAS has 150 questions. The passing score is 70%.
  • Business Aviation Cabin Crew (BACC)
    • The Business Aviation Cabin Crew certification challenges the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge of and skills in aircraft safety procedures, as well as professionalism, discretion and cabin service safety that exceeds regulatory requirements, for ensuring the comfort and safety of both domestic and international passengers. Click here to view the competencies for the certification.  The following are the requirements to be eligible to take the certification:
      • Letter of recommendation from someone in the industry
      • Proof of completion of a flight attendant initial safety training course
    • The BACC has 170 questions. The passing score is 78%.

Other ASTM exams:

  • ASTM International Workforce Certificate for Health and Safety in Nanotechnology
  • ASTM International Workforce Certificate for Nanotechnology Characterization
  • ASTM International Workforce Certificate for Nanotechnology Workforce Fabrication and Related Infrastructure

Exam Fees

For information on ASTM NCATT exam fees, click here.

Testing Center Locations

To find a testing center near you, contact CTS staff to find out how to take an exam in your area.

To become a SpaceTEC Partners, Inc testing center, contact CTS staff.  By becoming a SPI Testing Center, you will be able to administer ASTM NCATT exams at your school or facility, if approved.

Remote proctoring is an option for taking any exams.  A computer with a webcam and microphone is required.

Contact CTS staff to find out more about this option.

Training Providers

ASTM NCATT Approved Training Providers are school houses/training centers that are in a fixed location and offer training programs that meet and/or exceed the ASTM NCATT standards.  These providers have demonstrated a commitment to quality and must apply for approval and undergo an in-depth curriculum, facilities, and faculty evaluation in order to be considered an Approved Training Provider.

There is a $750.00 application fee to become an ASTM NCATT Approved Training Provider.

Approved Training Providers curriculum must be reviewed through a new application every 2 years.  The renewal application fee is $250.00.

If you are interested in becoming an ASTM NCATT Approved Training Provider, please contact CTS staff.

For more information about these certifications, contact CTS staff.