Advanced Electricity and Electronics


The CertTEC AEE certifications are accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) to meet ISO 17024 guidelines.

Information About the Certification

  • The CertTEC AEE certifications are performance-based online exams.  These exams will test hands-on troubleshooting skills utilizing a multi-meter, function generator, and oscilloscope along with an electronic trainer and test cards.
  • The AEE challenges the candidate to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in measuring, analyzing, and troubleshooting DC, AC, Analog, and Digital electronic circuits.  The candidate is presented live electronic circuits that emulate circuits found in industrial applications.
  • Each circuit is capable of providing numerous scenarios, signal levels, and faulted conditions.
  • Successful candidates correctly measure electronic parameters at various test points, follow normal circuit signal flow, and identify faults as they are presented in the circuit.
  • Each discipline: DC, AC, Analog, and Digital electronics, utilize 3 assessment circuit cards that offer progressively more complex circuits as the candidate progresses from the beginning of the assessment to the end.
  • The AEE consists of 4 individual certifications focusing on advanced electricity and electronics fundamentals in the following four subject areas:  AC, DC, Analog, and Digital.

Advanced Electricity and Electronics Certification Competencies

To learn more about the CertTEC AEE Certification for each module, click here.

Exam Costs

The costs for the CertTEC AEE certification can be found here.