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Certification/Recertification Information

CertTEC Certification Information

  • CertTEC provides performance-based certifications that validate critical technical skills for effective workforce applications.
  • The CertTEC exams are geared to test performance skills identified by business and industry as critical for the success of a technician.
  • CertTEC provides technician certifications in the core capabilities most employers want, such as those for Basic Electricity and Electronics, Advanced Electricity and Electronics, Aviation Structures, Aviation Structures Level 2,  Avionics, and Basic Composites.
  • Choose from the drop down menu to learn more about each Certification.

CertTEC Recertification Requirements

  • CertTEC certifications are valid for three years from issuance.  Additionally as part of ISO 17024 Accreditation, CertTEC must demonstrate the ability to locate and verify the status of each certification holder so contact information updates are also requested at recertification.  The recertification requirement is on a time scale and involves three methods to recertify.
  • Click link to learn more about recertification requirements.

Who can become certified?

  • Any individual who has training or work experience in the appropriate field. 
  • Any active or veteran military personnel whose rating or assignment is/was in the appropriate field.
  • Any college or technical school graduate whose program of study is in the appropriate field.

What does the exam cost?

For more information on the costs of CertTEC examinations, click here.

Where would I test?

Our staff will make arrangements with your closest location. The written portion of some of the certifications can be taken anywhere there is a proctor available (except Basic Electricity and Electronics and Advanced Electricity and Electronics), such as in public libraries and military installations; the oral and practical exams are available at the following locations.

How Do I Get Started?

Choose the certification that most interests you and fill out the “Request for Information” form and submit it to CertTEC to receive an email direct from the CertTEC staff providing you details on the specific area of interest you’ve selected.

Once you have that information and determine it’s what you want, you can return to this website and register and make payment for the certification examination.

You can always contact the CertTEC staff for more information and to seek answers to questions you may have.

We look forward to supporting your efforts to certify.