Information About the Certification

The CertTEC Entry Level Electronics (ELE) certification is a two-part certification. The first part is an online knowledge exam and the second part is an online performance exam.  The knowledge exam focuses on basic terminology, component recognition, symbology, and schematic interpretation.  The performance exam measures the ability to read, follow instructions, take measurements, and perform alignments.  Measurement skill is determined by the ability to measure resistance, AC voltage, and DC voltage with a multimeter and to measure frequency and waveforms with an oscilloscope.

The ELE Certification demonstrates the applicant is prepared to enter an entry level electronic technician career field, ready to start working on day one.

Entry Level Electronics Competencies

Entry Level Electronics Knowledge Exam:

  1. Basic Electrical Circuits
  2. Test Equipment
  3. DC Circuits
  4. AC Circuits
  5. Analog Circuits
  6. Digital Circuits
  7. Power Supplies

Entry Level Electronics Performance Exam:

  1. Use a multimeter to measure DC voltages, AC voltages, and resistance.
  2. Use an oscilloscope to measure frequency and waveshape.
  3. Align and measure a basic power supply circuit following technical procedures and schematics.
What does the Exam Cost?

The cost for the CertTEC Entry Level Electronics certification can be found here.