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Welcome – VetTEC

VetTEC® assists active duty and transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans interested in translating their technical skills from military occupational specialties into civilian jobs by gaining industry-recognized SpaceTEC®, CertTEC®, and ASTM NCATT credentials desired in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and technology. SpaceTEC® Certifications FAA-Recognized and ICAC Accredited SpaceTEC...
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Test Site Location

Where would I test? Our staff will make arrangements with your closest location. The written portion of some of the certifications can be taken anywhere there is a proctor available (except Basic Electricity and Electronics), such as in public libraries and military installations; the oral and practical exams are available at limited locations.  Please contact the staff for more information.
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Contact SpaceTEC/CertTEC/CTS

Contact SpaceTEC/CertTEC/CTS SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. 800 Lane Ave. Titusville, FL.  32780 PHONE:  (321) 567-5193   E-mail SpaceTEC Request Information on SpaceTEC Certifications Register for SpaceTEC Certifications   E-mail CertTEC Request Information on CertTEC Certifications Register for CertTEC Certifications   E-mail Credential Testing Services Request Information...
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Explore VA GI Bill Benefits for Credentialing and Licensing

Explore VA GI Bill Benefits for Credentialing and Licensing Having a certification can open doors for you in today's workplace; if you're eligible, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can reimburse you for taking a license or certification exam. SpaceTEC® and CertTEC® certifications are recognized by each service branches’ credentialing online COOL program and VA so that individuals may recei...
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Search VA Weams License and Certification

Search VA WEAMS License and Certification To gain VA approval for license and certification exams, the test must be generally accepted within the industry, must have existed for at least two years, and must meet other requirements.  Approval must be gained through the State Approving Agency in the state where headquartered. SpaceTEC® and CertTEC® certifications are approved through the State of ...
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Review Certification Competencies (Topics/Subtopics)

Review Certification Competencies (Topics/Subtopics) SpaceTEC Certifications  Core Certified Aerospace Technician - The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician Core Certification is recognized by the aerospace industry for entry-level employees. Aerospace technicians manufacture, assemble, service, test, operate, maintain, or repair systems associated with expendable and reusable launch vehicle...
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Search Your AFSC/MOS/Rating

Search AFSC/MOS/Rating If a AFSC/MOS/Rating is not found under a certification but it is felt a person is qualified, please contact SpaceTEC/CertTEC by phone: (321) 567-5193 or e-mail: information@spacetec.org or information@certtec.com.   Each of the following AFSC/MOS/Ratings is linked to the appropriate military COOL webpage: Air Force AFSC   ARMY MOS           MARINES RATI...
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How to use VetTEC

How to use VetTEC® VetTEC® has compiled many of the resources provided by several agencies, including Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and Department of Labor, to provide a one-stop, user-friendly site.  To learn how to gain certification, follow these steps: Search by MOS/Rating at the applicable service branch’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) and discover which SpaceTEC® a...
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