How to use VetTEC®

VetTEC® has compiled many of the resources provided by several agencies, including Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and Department of Labor, to provide a one-stop, user-friendly site.  To learn how to gain certification, follow these steps:

  1. Search by MOS/Rating at the applicable service branch’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) and discover which SpaceTEC® and/or CertTEC® certifications match military skills
  1. Review each certification’s competencies (topics/subtopics)
  1. Search the VA WEAMS License and Certification webpage to confirm SpaceTEC®/CertTEC® approval by VA for reimbursement. Make sure to search for Certification and the state of Florida.
  1. Explore the VA GI Bill Benefits for Credentialing and Licensing to determine the most advantageous method of payment based on eligible benefits (GI Bill reimbursement, self pay, or service branch payment for active-duty sailor and airmen).
  1. Contact SpaceTEC®/CertTEC® for more information, registration, and/or location of nearest testing site.