SpaceTEC Partners, Inc., through its SpaceTEC, CertTEC® and Credential Testing Services (CTS) divisions, provides skill-based, nationally recognized professional credentialing. All SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. certifications are based on technician competencies identified and valued by industries competing in today’s global economic environment.
Through training institutions across the country, SpaceTEC® Partners, Inc. offers Aerospace, Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing skills validation for the U. S. defense, aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors.
SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. has successfully certified technicians employed in civil, defense, and commercial organizations worldwide. The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician® Core is recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Space Transportation Office as one of three certifications the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) operator may use for RLV Aerospace Maintenance Technician (RAMT) training during forthcoming rating assessment processes.
The SpaceTEC Certified Aerospace Technician® Core is recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) for 24 college credits toward a technical degree. Passing the SpaceTEC exam enables Certified Aerospace Technicians® to earn degrees at an accelerated pace.
CertTEC® and Credential Testing Services third-party ASTM NCATT certifications offer varying levels of college credit as well.
Developed from aerospace transferrable skills in related specialties, CertTEC® provides knowledge and skills validation in the core capabilities employers need, such as Advanced Composites, Basic Electricity and Electronics, Aviation Manufacturing, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Aviation Structures, Aviation Mechanical Assembly, and Avionics. CertTEC® offers a proven process of objective, performance-based evaluations across a broad spectrum of high technology areas in the core capabilities most employers want by “Certifying what you know AND what you can do™”!
Third-Party credentials offered through the CTS division include ASTM NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) and Endorsements, Foreign Object Elimination (FOE), SAE PRI Aerospace Coatings Application Specialist (ACAS) and Precision Metalforming Association Precision Metalforming Technician.
For more information on individual certifications or workforce professional development options, contact the SpaceTEC® team: Contact Us