The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician® Core certifications are accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) to meet ISO 17024 guidelines.

SpaceTEC® Certification Information and Recertification Requirements
  • SpaceTEC® certifications are valid for three years from issuance.
  • Additionally as part of the ISO 17024 Accreditation, SpaceTEC® must demonstrate the ability to locate and verify the status of each certification holder so contact information updates are also requested at recertification.
  • The recertification requirement is on a time scale and involves three methods to recertify.
  • To learn more about recertification, click here.

How is it structured?

The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician® examination process offers certification in two categories:

  1. A Core Certification for entry-level employees covering general knowledge in six areas: Introduction to Aerospace, Applied Mechanics, Basic Electricity, Test & Measurements, Materials and Processes and Aerospace Safety; and
  2. Concentration Examinations for advanced standing in one of the following three areas:  Aerospace Vehicle Processing; Aerospace Manufacturing; Aerospace Composites.
What do the SpaceTEC® exams include?

The SpaceTEC® examinations are all three-part tests including:

  1. A proctored computer-based written examination
  2. An oral examination (if required)
  3. A practical performance-based skills examination administered by a trained and certified SpaceTEC® Examiner (STE).

You must first pass the Core Certification Examination to become eligible to sit for one of the SpaceTEC® concentration certifications.

Where would I test?

Our staff will make arrangements with your closest location. The written portion of the Certification Exam can be taken anywhere we can identify a proctor (we also offer remote proctoring for the online written portion); the oral and practical exams are available at limited locations. Please contact SpaceTEC staff for those locations.

More details on the Core and each of the Concentration Examinations can be found under the Certifications tab on this web site.

Do You Qualify?

You must meet at least one of the following verifiable criteria to sit for the exam:

  1. You have a 2 year technical college program degree.
  2. You have/had a two year technical military assignment.
  3. You hold a FAA Airframe/powerplant certificate.
  4. You have two or more years of on the job training and experience in the Aerospace industry.
  5. Concentration exams require a Core Certification.
What Do the Exams Cost?

SpaceTEC® certification exam fees can be found here

SpaceTEC® has received approval from Montgomery GI Bill, Navy COOL and Air Force COOL for payment or reimbursement for the exam.