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Governor DeSantis attends SCCAP Apprentice Signing Ceremony

Photos Courtesy of OneWeb Satellites

Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program

The Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program (SCCAP) is a State of Florida registered apprenticeship program offering apprenticeship opportunities in the following occupations:

  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Advanced CNC Machinist
  • Fiber Composite Technician


SCCAP is an autonomous sub-committee of SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. (SpaceTEC), who is the fiscal administrator for SCCAP. In addition, SpaceTEC is a certifying body for Advanced Manufacturing and Space, Aerospace, Aviation and Aircraft industries.

SCCAP is an industry-driven apprenticeship program led by a consortium of advanced manufacturers in the Space, Aerospace, Aviation, Aircraft and Defense industries, with a focus on implementing world-class apprenticeship programs in occupations that require higher levels of education to perform in today’s competitive advanced manufacturing environment.

SCCAP’s Executive Committee consists of a core group of industry leaders who have committed to the initial roll out of the first cohort of Mechatronics Apprentices. The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Kai Schmidt, HR Director, Airbus OneWeb Satellites – SCCAP Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Mark Sutton, Operations Manager, RUAG Space – SCCAP Secretary and Co-Founder
  • Rob Fabian, President/CEO, and Martin McClellan, Chief Technology Officer, Rocket Crafters – SCCAP Member
  • Art Hoelke, VP and General Manager, Knight’s Armament – SCCAP Member
  • Steve Kane, Executive Director, SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. – SCCAP Fiscal Administrator
  • Bryan Kamm, Managing Principal, Kamm Consulting Group – SCCAP Founder and Lead Advisor
SCCAP’s main focus is on automated manufacturing processes including CNC, mechatronics, robotics, additive manufacturing,  IT, Cybersecurity and other cyber-physical environments related to globally competitive Industry 4.0 technologies.
We believe that in order for our U.S. Space, Aerospace, Aviation, Aircraft and Defense industries to maintain global competitiveness, it is critical that apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs are developed to adequately prepare our local workforce talent pipeline. The workforce needs to achieve a higher level of proficiency in advanced manufacturing skills which are required in today’s highly competitive global economy.

We are happy to announce that SCCAP has successfully recruited 9 apprentices for Mechatronics Technician positions to work at participating SCCAP member companies: OneWeb Satellites, RUAG Space, Rocket Crafters and Knight’s Armament! Congratulations Apprentices!
Nine apprentices were selected after a two week summer orientation during the weeks of June 17 and June 28. Over the summer the student apprentice candidates were required to:
  • Attend the two week summer orientation which included a one-day training session at EFSC and two work days at a sponsoring consortium member company each week
  • Interface with Mechatronics Training Lab instructors and employers to assess the potential fit for both student and company
  • Await the selection period while companies made there decisions
  • Await an offer from their company sponsors
In preparation for the 1st Cohort to be launched in the 2019 Fall semester, the following events have taken place:
  • Offer letters to selected candidates week of July 22
  • Public Signing Ceremony (by invitation only) on July 29 at OneWeb Satellites
  • Registration with EFSC during week of July 29
  • Apprenticeship Start Date on August 12
Students interested in becoming a Mechatronics Technician, Advanced CNC Machinist, or an Advanced Manufacturing Fiber Composite Technician apprentice for the next cohort should send their resumes to: information@spacetec.us
News Alert: SCCAP, SpaceTEC and Kamm Consulting Group win NSF ATE Grant Award to Initiate Apprenticeship Exchange Programs between US Colleges and Germany. See the following press release for more information:
News Alert: Governor DeSantis Attends Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Signing Ceremony. Please see the following SCCAP joint Press Release from OneWeb Satellites, Festo Didactic and Kamm Consulting Group regarding the implementation of Festo Didactic’s MAP2 at Florida’s Space Coast:

Below are additional news stories for more details (please copy and paste these links if they do not link you directly to the story):
View SCCAP press coverage on recent video with FDOE Commissioner Corcoran and FDEO Executive Director Ken Lawson discussing apprenticeships and the “Future of Work in Florida”
To view a full video of the SCCAP Apprentice Signing Ceremony event, please click on the following link:
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Governor Ron DeSantis chooses venue at Space Florida in Florida’s Space Coast to sign HB 7071 apprenticeship legislation. Please see the following EFSC newsletter regarding EFSC’s participation at the event.
For more information about the Florida Space Coast Commercial Space Program, please see the recent news clip on Fox News:
For more information about the development of the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program, please see the following SSPI publication, “Staffing the Space Assembly Line” below:
Staffing the Space Assembly Line
Making Leaders
(See a Sample)
The full report can be found at Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)

To listen to a SSPI podcast interview with Bryan Kamm about the implementation of the Space Coast Consortium, please go to the Making Leaders series posted on November 5, 2019 on the SSPI website


As part of National Apprenticeship Week, the Space Coast Apprenticeship Consortium will be hosting a Space Coast Consortium Open House and Networking Event from 5:30 – 7:15 pm on Thursday, November 14, 2019.
The event will take place at the Knight’s Armament Function Hall in Titusville, Florida. Parents, students, community stakeholders, local dignitaries and the press are invited to attend this open house event. This event is open first-come, first-serve until we reach our maximum capacity of 100 people.
The Open House Networking Event will include presentations by Space Coast Consortium member companies OneWeb Satellites, RUAG Space, Rocket Crafters and Knight’s Armaments about their companies and apprenticeship opportunities. Local and regional high school and college students are invited to learn more about the apprenticeship and employment opportunities available at these companies.

Space Coast Consortium companies are seeking highly qualified candidates for 30 apprenticeship positions (scheduled to be filled in 2020) in three advanced manufacturing occupations. SCCAP is a registered apprenticeship program with the Florida Department of Education Office of Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship opportunities will become available at participating SCCAP companies in the following three occupations:

  • Advanced CNC/DNC Machinist
  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Advanced Manufacturing Fiber Composite Technician
If you are interested in receiving an invitation, please visit Eventbrite to register for the event. Students, please send your resumes to: information@spacetec.us